I'm about the music”
Music is a kind of ministry. It has the power to uplift. In the right circumstances we are vessels that give unconditional blessing to those listening. We must use this gift carefully, wisely.”

Higher learning:

By Roy Hargrove

Playlist II 

Horace Silver - the Jody grind

Wayne Shorter - the all seeing eye

Sonny Clark - leapin and lopin

Clifford Brown - three giants (plus 4)

Shirley Horn - here's to life


- Roy Hargrove

Playlist I 

Young musicians: Get these records 

Wayne Shorter "The Soothsayer"  

Freddie Hubbard "The hub of Hubbard"  

John Coltrane "Ballads"  

Ahmad Jamal "Live at the Pershing"  

Donald Byrd "Fuego" 

- Roy Hargrove


"Bird is essential. The fabric of this music deals with harmonic integrity. Trying to be an improviser without knowing Bird is like writing a novel with no vocabulary." - Roy Hargrove

Ear training 

"Knowledge of music theory in a literal sense is essential, however to be a complete musician, ear training is also quite necessary. You have to be able to play what you hear. Your instrument is like an extension of your body. Music learned by ear stays with you." - Roy Hargrove

...Every note you play is important! No filler. Respect the rhythm section. If you can't say it in two or three choruses... keep it in the case. ”