Roy Hargrove Estate Launches New Company 

January 22, 2020 (New York) – Aida Brandes-Hargrove and Kamala Hargrove, the heirs of the late Grammy Award-winning musician Roy Anthony Hargrove, are pleased to announce the formation of Roy Hargrove Legacy LLC, a company which will manage Mr. Hargrove’s rights, recordings and other properties related to his long and distinguished music career.  Robb Patryk of Hughes Hubbard & Reed has been appointed as legal counsel, and Modern Works Music Publishing is serving as administrator of Mr. Hargrove’s extensive catalog of compositions.  Ms. Brandes-Hargrove, who was Mr. Hargrove’s wife and is the Administrator of his Estate, said that “Kamala and I are excited about our new Company and look forward to keeping Roy’s music alive and sharing it with his present and future fans.”  Among other things, the Company has just launched an official Hargrove website ( as well as Instagram ( and Twitter (@groveydean) pages.  It also is reviewing Mr. Hargrove’s significant group of unreleased studio and live recordings with an eye toward a first album release later this year.